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Department of Foreign Language

The Department of French, established in 1882 by the Jesuits (originally from France) has been offering French as a second language option to undergraduate students right from the start. Since 2012, French has been offered at the beginner level (A1- I and II semesters) and at the intermediate levels (A2 – III and IV semesters) corresponding with the FLE (French as Foreign Language) syllabus framed under the guidelines of ‘Common European Framework of Reference’ for languages (CEFR).

For students interested in exploring a different culture, the French language is the ideal choice as it helps them not only learn a new language but also get a glimpse of French music, literature, cuisine, and cinema. The objective of the Department is to help students to understand basic information, questions about shopping/immediate environment and successfully communicate about simple tasks, familiar topics, and matters of immediate need. On completing four semesters, students traveling to a Francophone country for higher studies or professional purposes will be able to cope with basic repetitive tasks like navigating a menu in a restaurant, booking a hotel, writing a short e-mail, filling out application forms, etc.


Message from DEAN

Dr Arul Mani

Message from DEAN

Dear reader,

Greetings from the School of Languages and Literatures!

We believe that academic experiences can be joyful. 

Reading and writing are the means by which we begin asking ourselves who we are. They are also the means by which we begin to know the many worlds around us. The joy of learning moves us in these moments of discovery. 

The philosopher William James spoke of the experience of metanoia, a heartfelt understanding, a transformation from within. Every language class carries within it the potential to transform you for life, and that is why we take languages seriously at SJU.

St Joseph’s thus offers each of you an abundant joy in learning. 

Seize this opportunity!

Warm regards,

Dr Arul Mani

Dean, School of Languages & Literatures


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PHD Scholars

Name of Research Scholar Date of Enrollment for Coursework at SJU Area of Research Title of the Thesis (Provisional) Link to the Profile of the Supervisor Status of the Thesis
MAHESHA D B 10-07-2023 Kannada Literature Kannada Literature Registration Cancelled
MOHANDAS SHETTY 10-07-2023 Comparative Studies/ Inscription Comparative Studies/ Inscription In Coursework
PARVATHI M 10-07-2023 Theater Theater Registration Cancelled
ROHITH K 10-07-2023 Adunika kannada sahityadalli Kolegeri ondu samskruthika adyayana Adunika kannada sahityadalli Kolegeri ondu samskruthika adyayana In Coursework
SUJATHA A 10-07-2023 Folklore Folklore In Coursework
SUMANA AS 10-07-2023 Theater Studies Theater Studies In Coursework

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