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Department of Chemistry

Faculty Details


Dr Suhas D

Assistant Professor,Chemistry

Specialisation : Chemistry


Faculty Details

Academic Degree Subject University Address of the University Rank/ Medals
M.Sc. Chemistry Christ University Christ University, Hosur Road, Bengaluru 560029.
Eligibility Details
Category Subject Status
KSET Chemistry Cleared
PhD Details
Title of Thesis University / Institution University Address Date of Registration Date of Completion Details of papers published Current Status
Polymeric Composite Membranes for Pervaporation Separation of Alcohol-Water Binary Mixtures Manipal University Manipal University, Manipal, India 26-11-2011 16-04-2015 5 Awarded
Book Chapter Published
Article Title Book title Book editor Article pages No of Chapters Year ISBN Publisher Details
Production of Chitosan based Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications Chitosan Based Biomaterials: Fundamentals Volume 1 J. Amber. Jennings and Joel D. Bumgardner 295-319 1 2016 978-008100257-5;978-008100230-8 Woodhead publishing series in biomaterials (an imprint of Elsevier)
The role of nanotechnology and chitosan based biomaterials for tissue engineering and therapeutics Chitosan Based Biomaterials: Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, Volume 2 J. Amber. Jennings and Joel D. Bumgardner 1-29 1 2016 978-008100228-5;978-008100228-5 Woodhead publishing series in biomaterials (an imprint of Elsevier)
Title Journal Name Year DOI/URL Your authorial position How many authors Clarivate IF
Carboxylated graphene-alcohol oxidase thin films modified graphite electrode as an electrochemical s Materials Science for Energy Technologies 2020 10.1016/j.mset.2019.10.009 2nd 3 2.000-4.999
Sustainability considerations in membrane-based technologies for industrial effluents treatment Chemical Engineering Journal 2019 10.1016/j.cej.2019.02.075 2nd 4 5.000-9.999
Membranes for dehydration of alcohols via pervaporation Journal of Environmental Management 2019 10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.04.043 2nd 10 5.000-9.999
Membrane-based separation of potential emerging pollutants Separation and Purification Technology 2019 10.1016/j.seppur.2018.09.003 1st 6 5.000-9.999
Hydrogen peroxide treated graphene as an effective nanosheet filler for separation application RSC Advances 2015 10.1039/c5ra19918b 1st 4 2.000-4.999
Preparation and characterization of novel polyurethanes containing 4, 4’-{oxy-1,4-diphenyl bis (ni Polymer Engineering and Science 2014 10.1002/pen.23532 1st 4 1.000-1.999
Mixed matrix membranes of H-ZSM5-loaded poly(vinyl alcohol) used in pervaporation dehydration of alc Polymer Engineering and Science 2014 10.1002/pen.23717 1st 3 1.000-1.999
Para-Toluene sulfonic acid treated clay loaded sodium alginate membranes for enhanced pervaporative Applied Clay Science 2014 10.1016/j.clay.2014.08.017 1st 3 2.000-4.999
Functionalized graphene sheets embedded in chitosan nanocomposite membranes for ethanol and isopropa Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2014 10.1021/ie502751h 1st 4 2.000-4.999
Graphene-loaded sodium alginate nanocomposite membranes with enhanced isopropanol dehydration perfor RSC Advances 2013 10.1039/c3ra42062k 1st 4 2.000-4.999
In house Project (Seed Money)
Title of Project Project Start Date Project End Date Amount Received
Preparation of PEDOT based nanocomposites 04-04-2018 1,80,000
Title of Paper Title of Seminar/Conference Organized by Level Start Date Place Country Duration
Cellulose wrapped graphene as an effective filler in preparation of membranes for pervaporation appl Emerging Trends in Materials Science (ETMS-2018) S.Nijalingappa College, Supported by UGC National 05-10-2018 Bangalore India One day
Graphene oxide as effective filler in enhancing the pervaporation performance International Conference on Advanced Materials and Technology Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore International 26-05-2016 Mysore India Three Days
Graphene oxide based nanocomposite membranes for pervaporative dehydration of alcohols: An economic 6th National Conference on Advances in Polymeric Materials (POLYCON-2014) Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore National 25-04-2014 Mysore India Two Days
Graphene composite membranes in pervaporative dehydration of alcohols: Extending the versatility of International Conference on Advanced Polymeric Materials International and Interuniversity Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mahatma Gandhi Universi International 11-10-2013 Kottayam, Kerala India Three Days
Poly (vinyl alcohol)/ H-ZSM5 based mixed matrix composite membranes for the pervaporation dehydratio National Symposium on Polymers and Coatings (NSPC)-2012 IICT-Hyderabad National 07-09-2012 Hyderabad India Two Days
Events Organized
Type of Event Level Organized by Date From Title of Event Duration Place
Workshop National UGC Paramarsh and IQAC 07-01-2021 Revised NAAC Norms and Procedures 7-days St. Joseph's College, Bengaluru
Seminar International The Placement Office of St. Joseph's College 19-07-2020 Understanding Purpose of Life: Reflecting on Mental Health, Jobs and Uncertain Future 2 days Bangalore
Awards, Achievements
Name of Fellowship/ Award/Achievement Level Awarded by Place Date Duration of Fellowship
PURASKAR-2021 Others St. Joseph's College, Bangalore Bangalore 10-03-2021
Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing Others Chemical Engineering Journal Netherlands 02-12-2016
Senior Research Fellowship National CSIR New Delhi 04-11-2014
Previous Experience
Designation Institution Name Start Date End Date
Assistant Professor St. Joseph's College (Autonomous) 02-06-2015 12-01-2019
Faculty Development Program
Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Place Date From Date To
Digital Skills and Competencies for Teachers: With Special Focus on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and E-Content Development Refresher Courses Online Association of Indian Universities (AIU)-Amity University Haryana, Gurugram (AUH)-Academic and Admin Delhi 09-06-2023 22-06-2023
Faculty Development Training Programme (FDTP) on "Instrumentation Techniques" for Chemistry research FDPs attended Others St. Joseph's Research Centre and Eurofins Laboratory Eurofins Lab SJU 09-05-2023 20-05-2023
Digital Teaching Techniques Online Course/Lecture Series Online ICT Academy Bangalore 07-06-2021 11-06-2021
Transformation from Seminar to Webinar: A Complete Guide Seminar National Department of Sociology, St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore Bangalore 24-06-2020 24-06-2020
Post COVID 19 Challenges in Science and Technology FDPs attended National JAIN University Bangalore 15-06-2020 19-06-2020
Digital Teacher Training Program National Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai 15-06-2020 20-06-2020
‘From Minerals to Futuristic Functional Materials’ by Prof. T.N. Guru Row, Ph.D., FASc, FNA, FRS Seminar International Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph's College (Autonomus) Bangalore 10-06-2020 10-06-2020
‘Diabetes and Glucose Managment’ by Dr. Shridhar Alva, Sr. Director, Clinical Affairs Abbott Dia Seminar International Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore Bangalore 05-06-2020 05-06-2020
Multicomponent and Cascade Reactions’ by Prof. Irishi N. Namboothiri Seminar National Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore Bangalore 02-06-2020 02-06-2020
Transforming Education – The Google Classroom Way FDPs attended National Aachi Institute of Management and Entrepreneurial Development (AIMED) Chennai 01-06-2020 07-06-2020
Training on E-content Development: Strategies, Tools and Opportunities FDPs attended National St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore Bangalore 13-05-2020 21-05-2020
Advances in Electrochemical Research Conference National PPC Udupi Udupi 15-02-2020 15-02-2020
Workshop on Research Based Pedagogical Tools Workshop Local St. Joseph's College Bangalore, supported by IISER Pune and MHRD Govt. of India Bangalore 04-04-2018 06-04-2018
Workshop on Research Based Pedagogical Tools Workshop National IISER Pune and MHRD St. Joseph's College 04-04-2018 06-04-2018
Degree College Teachers Training Program in Chemistry Refresher Courses National Indian Institute of Science IISc Challakere Campus at Kudapura, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577536. 23-11-2016 13-12-2016
Staff Enrichment Programme Orientation Programmes Local St. Joseph's College St. Joseph's College, Bangalore 19-11-2015 20-11-2015
INUP Hands on Training on Nanofabrication Technologies Workshop National Centure for Nanofabrication and Engineering, IISc Bangalore 18-06-2013 28-06-2013
INUP Hands on Training on Nanofabrication Technologies Workshop National Centure for Nanofabrication and Engineering, IISc Bangalore 18-06-2013 28-06-2013
INUP Familiarization Workshop on Nanofabrication Technologies Workshop National Centure for nanoscienceand engineering IISc Bangalore 17-06-2013 17-06-2013
5th Bangalore Nano Conference International JNCASR, VISION Group of Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka Bangalore 05-12-2012 07-12-2012
Advances in Materials REsearch Conference National Three Science Academies of India Bangalore 25-08-2010 27-08-2010
Recent Advances in Organic Synthesis and Biosciences Seminar National Christ University Bangalore 18-02-2010 18-02-2010
Resource Persons
Title of the Program Role Level Organized by Start Date Place Country
SJC Digital Teacher Subject Expert College Level St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore 25-06-2020 Bangalore India
Ignitors Subject Expert St. Joseph's College St. Joseph's College 02-07-2015 BAngalore India

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