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Department of Chemistry

Faculty Details


Dr Joyce Queeny D'souza

Assistant Professor,Chemistry

Specialisation : Chemistry


Faculty Details

Academic Degree Subject University Address of the University Rank/ Medals
Post-Doctoral Fellowship - DST Young Scientist Chemistry DST Young Scientist National Centre for Catalysis Research, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras No
PhD in year 2005 Chemistry Bangalore Bangalore No
M. Phil Chemistry Bangalore Central College Campus, Bangalore No
M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry Bangalore Bangalore Yes
Eligibility Details
Category Subject Status
OTHERS Chemistry Cleared
PhD Details
Title of Thesis University / Institution University Address Date of Registration Date of Completion Details of papers published Current Status
Preparation of solid superacids, characterization and a study of their catalytic activities in the s Bangalore University St. Joseph's College, Bangalore University 01-06-1999 01-12-2005 6 papers published based on PhD work Awarded
Post Doc Details
Institution Name Institution Address Start Date End Date Subject Outcome
National Centre for Catalysis Research Indian Institute of Technology - Madras (IIT-M) 01-10-2007 31-12-2008 Heterogeneous catalysis Heterogeneous catalysis of organic transformations of industrial importance
M.Phil Details
College / University Name College / University Address Title Registered Date Completion Date Marks / Grade Obtained Published Paper Details
Central College Bangalore University Cyclooctenyl complexes of palladium(II) containing multidentate N- heterocycles 01-04-1995 01-04-1996 First class • URL:
Title Journal Name Year DOI/URL Your authorial position How many authors Clarivate IF
UV Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of Caffeine Using TiO2–H-Beta Zeolite Composite Minerals 2023 2nd 3 2.818
Cordierite honeycomb supported Mo(VI)/ZrO2 for microwave assisted Pinacol-Pinacolone rearrangement Indian Journal of Chemistry - A 2020 Other 4
Catalytic Synthesis of Levulinate Esters over Zirconia and its Modified Forms Coated on Honeycomb Mo Asian Journal of Chemistry 2019 Other 3
Sulphated Zirconia Supported on Cordierite Honeycomb Monolith for Effective Synthesis of Solketal fr Chemistry Select 2018 Other 5
Vapor phase synthesis of glycerol carbonate over honeycomb monolith coated with zirconia based base Bangladesh J. Sci. Ind. Res. 2018 DOI: Other 5
Microwave-assisted synthesis of dihydropyrimidinones over honeycomb monoliths coated with zirconia-b Current trends in Catalysis 2017 Other 3
Microwave assisted transesterification of waste cooking oil over modified forms of zirconia coated o Indian Journal of Chemistry - A 2017 Other 4
Facile synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes over cordierite honeycomb coated with modified forms of zir Indian Journal of Chemistry 2017 Other 6
Clean and efficient synthesis of coumarins over modified metal oxides via Pechmann reaction Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 2008 1st 2
Esterification of salicylic acid with methanol/dimethyl carbonate over anion modified metal oxides Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 2007 1st 2
Catalytic activity studies of oxo-anion modified metal oxides in the esterification of benzyl alcoho Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 2006 1st 2
Vapour phase transesterification over modified ZrO2-Al2O3 and ZrO2-SiO2 for the synthesis of isoamyl Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 2006 1st 2
Cyclooctenyl complexes of palladium(II) with multidentate N- heterocycles Transition Metal Chemistry 2004 2nd 5
Vapour phase transesterification over solid acids for the synthesis of isoamyl salicylate Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 2004 1st 2
A study on the catalytic activity of zirconia and its modified forms in the preparation of benzyl ac Indian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 40B 2001 1st 2
Title of Project Category Level Department Current Status Principal Investigator Funding Agency Project Start Date Project End Date Amount
Synthesis and characterization of metal oxide - based solid acids and superacids, preparation of ind Others National CHEMISTRY Submitted Dr. JOYCE QUEENY D DST sponsored Fast Track, Young Scientist Scheme. 01-10-2022 31-12-2022 2 lacs
Title of Paper Title of Seminar/Conference Organized by Level Start Date Place Country Duration
Green Synthesis of Isoamyl acetate by esterification over alumina supported on ZSM5 International Conference on Green Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystems & Trade Show Department of Botany, St Joseph's College, Bengaluru, India International 26-01-2016 Bangalore India Two Days
Participation (Seminar, Conference, Workshop)
Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Start Date Place Duration
JESCOL - III (Residential programme) Training Program State BJES 02-09-2023 Mount St. Joseph, Bangalore Four days
Teaching - Learning Methods Training Program National Ministry of Education 08-02-2023 University of Delhi Seven day programme
Chemical Society Lecture Series' organized by the Department of Postgraduate studies in Chemistry Seminar State Bangalore City University 24-01-2023 Bangalore One day
Guideship Details
Serial Number Name of the Candidate Department University Title of the thesis Date of Award of Degree
1 Dr. Vasantha V T CHEMISTRY Visvesvaraya Technological University
Previous Experience
Designation Institution Name Start Date End Date
HOD Chemistry, Coordinator - Basic Sciences, Associate Professor. New Horizon College of Engineering 01-06-2011 30-04-2014
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) Teacher Indus International School 01-01-2009 31-05-2011
Post Doctoral Fellow National Center for Catalysis Research (NCCR), Department of Chemistry, 01-10-2007 31-12-2008
HOD, Lecturer - Chemistry St. Joseph's Pre-University College 30-06-2001 30-12-2006
Lecturer Baldwin Methodist College 01-09-1994 30-06-2001
Lecture St. Joseph's College 01-06-1994 31-08-1994
Faculty Development Program
Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Place Date From Date To
Three level Immersion programme Training Program Local BJES Snehadan, Carmelaram,Bangalore and Loyola Vikas Kendra, Mundgod 01-06-2016 04-06-2016
JESCOL Seminar Local BJES Ashirvad, Bangalore 11-02-2016 13-02-2016
Resource Persons
Title of the Program Role Level Organized by Start Date Place Country
RBPT workshop at Subject Expert National Newman College, Thodupuzha from the 29th to 31st August 2022. 29-08-2022 Thodupuzha, Kerala India
Ignitors Subject Expert College level - Ignitors Programme BJES 01-06-2015 St. Joseph's College and St. Joseph's Evening College India

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