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Dr Ebenezer Wilson

Associate Professor,



Faculty Details

Academic Degree Subject University Address of the University Rank/ Medals
Advanced Diploma Public Health Management Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru Bengaluru
PG Diploma Nanobiotechnology Life Science Foundation India Karnataka
Ph.D Biotechnology Vinayaka Missions University Salem
Certificate Course Care Breeding and Management of Laboratory Animals NIMHANS Bengaluru
M.Phil Environmental Science - Specialization : Air Pollution and Occupational Health Bangalore Univesrity Bengaluru
M.Sc. Environmental Science Bharathidasan University Trichy
B.Sc. Chemistry University of Madras Chennai
PhD Details
Title of Thesis University / Institution University Address Date of Registration Date of Completion Details of papers published Current Status
Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Easy Methods of Detection of PKU using a Higher Plant Enzyme and Rat a Vinayaka Missions University Salem 01-06-2007 07-07-2011 Patent Filed : "A simple, rapid detection method of L-Phenylalanine in animal plasma" Ref.No: 4083/RQ-CHE/2010. App.No: 1549/CHE/2010 Awarded
Title Journal Name Year DOI/URL Your authorial position How many authors Clarivate IF
Mapping the locaitons of house sparrows (Passer doesticus L.) in Bangalore National Conference on Ecology, Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation 2016 2nd and corresponding 2
Selective Habitats of Sparrows (Passer domesticus) in Bangalore City International Conference on Sparrows 2012 2nd 1
Helicobacter pylori incidence in Bangalore and Search for Cost effective herbal therapeutics against the pathogen. Biovistas: Future and Beyond. 2006 1st and corresponding 1
Biodegradation of Feathers by Fusarium culmorum Fungal Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 2006 1st and corresponding 1
Herbal therapeutics with reduced iron content inhibits Helicobacter pylori growth in vitro.Third Indo-Australian Conference on Biotechnology. Vaccines for Cancers, Infectious Diseases, Lifestyle and Degenerative Diseases. CDFD 2006 2nd 2
Isolation of Helicobater pylori from water samples of Tsunami Refugees Camp area in Nagapattinam and Velankanni and Identification of Inhibitive Herbal Extracts International Conference on Marine and Terrene Ecology 2006 1st and corresponding 1
Discoloration of few Azo Dyes by Thelephora terrestris. Fungal Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 2006 1st and corresponding 1
A study of Air borne Mycoflora in Libraries of Bangalore City Fungal Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 2006 1st and corresponding 1
Impact of Asbestos Mining on Vegetation: A study on Ricinus communis L. and Calotropis gigantea L. Indian J. Envt. Sci. 2000 1st and corresponding 1
Indoor Air Pollution due to Domestic Cooking Fuels at Bangalore J. Ecobiol. 1999 1st and corresponding 1
Impact of Granite Quarrying on Vegetation at Bettahalsur, Bangalore Indian. J. Environ. & Ecoplan. 1999 1st and corresponding 1
Utility Potential of Brewery Effluent in Mass Culturing of Spirulina platensis J. Indust. Poll. Cont. 1999 1st and corresponding 1
Lead Content in the Ambient Air of Gasolene Stations of Bangalore City J. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Monit. 1999 1st and corresponding 1
Impact of Tannery Effluents on Oryza sativa L. and Heliotropium currassavicum L. Poll. Res. 1998 1st and corresponding 1
Quantification of Fluoride in Bore wells of Bangalore City Journal of Ecotoxicology, Environmental Monitoring 1998 1st and corresponding 1
An Estimation of Noise Levels in Bangalore City, Karnataka J. Envt. & Poll 1998 1st and corresponding 1
Levels of Suspended Particulate Matter and Quantification of Lead in the Ambient air of Bangalore City, Karnataka Journal of Environmental Pollution 1998 1st and corresponding 1
Potability Studies on Commercial Mineral Waters in Bangalore J. Envt. & Poll 1998 1st and corresponding 1
Impact of Cultural Eutrophication on Lentic Habitat – A study on Sankey Tank, Bangalore City Ecol. Env. & Cons 1998 1st and corresponding 1
Particle Counting for Evaluating the Quality of Air in Hospitals (Bangalore) 5th International Conference on Aerobiology 1994 1st and corresponding 2
Title of Paper Title of Seminar/Conference Organized by Level Start Date Place Country Duration
The need for choice based 4 years graduate course in India A Vision for higher education - 2030 MCC, Bengaluru International 30-07-2015 Bengaluru India 2 Days
Impact of Mismanagement of Solid Waste in Bangalore City National Conference on Environmental Pollution, Urban Waste Management and Public Health Security" Christ Univesity National 13-02-2015 Bengaluru India 2 Days
Events Organized
Type of Event Level Organized by Date From Title of Event Duration Place
Conference National Department of Environmental Science and Zoology 15-12-2016 Ecology, Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation 2 Days Bengaluru
Participation (Seminar, Conference, Workshop)
Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Start Date Place Duration
Recent Trends in Cellular Mechanism and Gene Expression Workshop National Department of Botnay, PG & Research Centre, SJC, Bengaluru 12-02-2016 Bengaluru 2 Days
Child Mental Health in India Catalyzing the Public Health Response Symposium National NIMHANS Bangalore 20-01-2016 Bengaluru 1 Day
Applications of Nanotechnology in Environmental Remediation Conference National Department of Studies and Research in Environmental Science, Tumkur University and NSERB 07-10-2015 1 Day
Acheiving Abdul Kalam's Vision Through Tapping Peoples Potential Workshop National Shingo Institute of Japanese Management 12-09-2015 1 Day
Science from Space New Findings and Challenges Ahead Seminar National Department of Physics & ISRO 10-09-2015 Bengaluru 2 Days
A Vision for Higher Education - 2030 Conference International Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru 30-07-2015 Bengaluru 2 Days
Medical Parasitology Workshop National CSI Hospital Bangalore 28-01-2015 Bengaluru 2 Days
Choice Based Credit System Workshop National IQAC, Mount Carmel College 12-02-2014 Bengaluru 1 Day
Biodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge and Biotechnology Workshop National Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women 09-11-2013 Bengaluru 1 Day
NPTEL Workshop Workshop National ITT Madras & IISC Bengaluru & Indian Academy Degree College 07-11-2013 Bengaluru 1 Day
Awards, Achievements
Name of Fellowship/ Award/Achievement Level Awarded by Place Date Duration of Fellowship
Best Poster Presentation Award National CHRIST University Bengaluru 13-02-2015
Appreciation Award "Guru Vandana" State Rotary Bangalore Bengaluru 28-09-2013
Popular Media Articles
Serial Number Name of Article Name of the Magazine / Media Year Link
1 Advent of Autonomy College Annual-Blue and White 01-06-2004 Hardcopy
2 Avian Fauna of Namma Alada Mara, The Banyan Tree, Ficus benghalensis L. College Annual-Blue and White 01-06-2012 Hardcopy
3 Forthcoming Four Year Gradate Course Blue & White College Annual 01-06-2013
4 Rare Moth Species on Campus Blue & White College Annual 01-06-2014
Resource Persons
Title of the Program Role Level Organized by Start Date Place Country
Bengaluru Lake Summit Session Chair National CMCB, SJC 06-03-2017 Bengaluru India
International Conference on Green Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystems and Trade Show Session Chair International Department of Botany, St Joseph's College 26-02-2016 Bengaluru India
Project Green Rescue - Conserve Today Preserve for Tomorrow Session Chair National Jyoti Nivas College, Bengalore 18-02-2016 Bengaluru India
Court Commisioner Subject Expert State National Green Tribunal (NGT) Southern Zone 05-02-2015 'Silk Hub' Cubbonpet, Bengaluru India
Bioneers 14 Session Chair National Department of Lifescience, Jain University 06-02-2014 Bengaluru India
World Environment Day - The Role of students in Environmental Conservation and Ecofeminism Invited Talk State St. Anns Degree College for Women, Bangalore 05-06-2011 Bangalore India
World Environment Day - Deep Ecology Invited Talk State 05-06-2007 Al Ameen College, Bangalore India

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