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Department of History

The Department of History is one of the first departments started in the Institution dating back to the 1930s. The students tend to be heterogeneous, ranging from those well-read, who possess a good deal of insight and have a clear goal as to what they want to do in life to the larger percentage in the class who for reasons academic, economic, and social, need basic assistance, encouragement and follow up.  In this context, the Department does a lot of remedial work to help academically weaker students perform better. Students tend to be varied, ranging from those who are well-read, possess a great deal of insight, and have a well-defined life objective to the majority of the class who, for academic, economic, and social reasons, require basic input, support, encouragement, and follow-up. The Department strives to make history instruction engaging, informative, and pertinent. Consistent use of audiovisuals is employed to supplement the information. While conducting a class, efforts to inculcate a spirit of inquiry among the students are encouraged. Wall maps, models, pictures, etc., are used to supplement data. The Department runs a History Association titled ‘Parishodhana'. Through its own newsletter, 'The Pendulum,' the Department encourages students to explore with their research abilities. The Department of History also conducts its annual 60 hour Certificate Credit Course on ‘Gleaning India’s History through Numismatics’. 



To form persons who will be open to learning, acquire knowledge, understanding, and insights into History.


  • To provide a good foundation for understanding the dynamics of the historical processes.
  • To provide a platform that will create a critical bend of mind while analysing issues.
  • To help provide scope for further studies in History for interested students. 

Message from DEAN

Mr Clement D'Souza

Message from DEAN

Greetings and a warm welcome from the School of Humanities!

The School of Humanities, under St Joseph’s University was created to provide learning spaces, with 7 departments and an associate department, the Department of Physical Education. Of the 7 departments, 5 departments have antecedent of more than 140 years in contributing to the motto of the Institution 'Fide et Labore'- meaning faith and toil.

As a stakeholder remotely or distantly you may be interested to know about School of Humanities and the Departments with the School. This message of mine provides you a glimpse of how we instil passion for excellence that helps our students to create a better tomorrow.

Do you know what inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and enthusiasm have in common? These are all without price tags, which are always provided at the School of Humanities both within and beyond classroom and the result being the students who graduated from this School emerge as a different person – more mature, shaped and inspired.

As the Dean, School of Humanities, I’m proud to say that all my colleagues both Associate and Assistant Professors are always ready with passion to inspire hope among the students; they eagerly help the students to ignite their imagination, and instil love of learning. Our Associate and Assistant Professors set the tone of their classrooms-they build a warm environment, mentor and nurture the students.

Along with the professors, students are helped by amazing group of Mentors, and this will make the School of Humanities a second home for the graduating students.

Each Department in the School has academic associations and also non-academic associations which help the students in character formation and also career mapping.

Students who wish to join our School, rest assured we will support you in every step of your formation years of 3/ 4-year UG programme or 1/ 2 years of PG programme and also the Research programme. Your academic success and wellbeing are as important to us, as they are to you.

Opportunities provided in the School of Humanities, St Josephs University, Bengaluru, is more than a pathway to a Degree; it is a pathway to discover the purpose of life.

Good wishes on your journey at the School of Humanities.

Warm regards,

Mr Clement D'Souza

Dean, School of Humanities


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