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Ms Anita Noronha

Assistant Professor,

Specialisation : Economics


Faculty Details

Academic Degree Subject University Address of the University Rank/ Medals
BA Economics, Psychology, Sociology Bangalore University Jnanabharathi, Bangalore
Eligibility Details
Category Subject Status
M.Phil Details
College / University Name College / University Address Title Registered Date Completion Date Marks / Grade Obtained Published Paper Details
MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY Palkalainagar, Madurai Socio Economic Conditions of Coffee Plantation workers in South Coorg 01-09-2004 14-02-2006 Second Class
Book Chapter Published
Article Title Book title Book editor Article pages No of Chapters Year ISBN Publisher Details
Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurial Development in India Women- Awakening to the Epitome of Power Haseena V A 265-273 1 2016 ISBN: 978-81-8387-739-8 Serial Publications Pvt Ltd
Title Journal Name Year DOI/URL Your authorial position How many authors Clarivate IF
Sustainable Development and Water Policies in Karnataka State with Special Reference to Lakes in Ban Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Public Policy Affairs “Exploring Policy 2018 2nd 2
Financial Inclusion- A Study of the Role of the Post Office as Payment Banks in India Asia Pacific Journal of Research 2018 1st and corresponding 3 5.000-9.999
Wage discrimination- A Patriarchal Tool for Perpetuating Inequality Conference Proceedings of Gender and work 2017 2nd 2
Interrogating the Socio-Economic PAtterns in Higher Education : A Critical Analysis of Globalisation Conference Proceedings of Dynamics of social Infrastructure in India 2016 1st and corresponding 2
Democratic Participation and Empowerment: Case of Employment Generation Programmes in Karnataka KILA Journal of Local Governance 2015 2nd 2
Coordinators note Economics Beyond the Classroom 2014-15 1st 1
Eco Tourism in India: Challenges and Role in Sustainable Development International Journal of Tourism Research 2014 1st and corresponding 2
Socio-Economic Conditions of Coffee Plantation Workers in Kodagu District Meridian 2012 1st 1
Title of Project Category Level Department Current Status Principal Investigator Funding Agency Project Start Date Project End Date Amount
Metro Rail and its Impact on the Green Cover in Bangalore Minor Local Economics Completed ANITA NORONHA IGSSS, New Delhi 15-08-2009 01-03-2010 50,000
Title of Paper Title of Seminar/Conference Organized by Level Start Date Place Country Duration
Interdisciplinary Research in Social sciences- Study of interdisciplinarity in Public Policy ICSSR-ERC sponsored National Conference on Traditional Trends and Contemporary Challenges in Business, Commerce, Humanities and Social Sciences XITE college, Gamharia National 12-11-2022 Virtual India 1 day
Sustainable Development Viability of Organic Farming in India Sustainable and Inclusive Global Economy: The Path to the Next Normal Dept of Economics, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Bangalore in collaboration with Indian Econo International 26-04-2022 Virtual, Bangalore India 1 day
Women and Covid-19: A Socio-Economic Impact National Conference on "Changing Contours of Economy, Society, Business, Media and World Relati Vivekananda School of Economics, VIPS, Delhi. National 26-03-2021 New Delhi India Two Days
“Gandhian Ideas and Good Governance- Implementation of RTI in India”. National Conference on “Gandhian Worldview-Looking back to Engineer the Future” Mount Carmel College, Bangalore National 26-11-2019 Bangalore India Two Days
Sustainable development and Civil Society’s Participation in Water Conservation”. International conference on “Transformational strategies for Business Sustainability” Christ Institute of Management and the Office of International Relations at Christ University, Banga International 04-10-2019 Bangalore India Two Days
Sustainable Development and water Policy in Karnataka State with Reference to lakes in Bangalore cit Public Policy Affairs Impact and Policy Research Institute and Mount Carmel College International 03-09-2018 Bangalore India Two Days
Financial Inclusion: A study of the Role of Post Office Payment Bank in Financial Inclusion Scope of Emerging Business dimensions and Sustainable development Dept of commerce, SJC International 08-03-2018 Bangalore India Two Days
Wage Discrimination- A Patriarchal tool for Perpetuating Inequality Gender and Work: Challenging Conventional Wisdom Dept of Sociology and IR, SJC National 01-03-2017 Bangalore India Two Days
Privatisation and economic Reforms- the Journey Post Liberalisation Nuances of Organic Constitution KLE Society's Law College National 01-10-2016 Bangalore India Two Days
Interrogating the Socio economic Patterns in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis of Globalisation Dynamics of Social Infrastructure in India: Emerging Issues, Prospects and challenges Mount Carmel College National 23-02-2016 Bangalore India Two Days
Emerging Ground water crisis in Bangalore Dynamics of Environmental Degradation with special reference to water pollution MES Asmabi College National 03-12-2013 Kerala India Two Days
Indian State- Dilemma of Dual Objectives in the Path of Development Globalisation and Social Transformation: The Indian Experience Tata Institute of Social Sciences International 17-02-2012 Mumbai India Three Days
Democratic Participation and Empowerment: Case studyof Employment Generation in Rural Karnataka Participatory Planning Process and Regional Development- The Kerala Experience MES Asmabi College National 21-10-2011 Kerala India Two Days
Events Organized
Type of Event Level Organized by Date From Title of Event Duration Place
Seminar National St Josephs College (Autonomous) 09-03-2020 Ecology, Economics and sustainability One day Bangalore
Previous Experience
Designation Institution Name Start Date End Date
Faculty Development Program
Title of Event Type of Event Level Organized by Place Date From Date To
Positive Impact of COVID-19: Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Dimension’ Others International Dept of Sociology, SJC Bangalore 03-06-2020 03-06-2020
The Political-Economy of a Post-COVID World Others National JGI and CERSSE Bangalore 29-05-2020 29-05-2020
COVID-19: An Impact Assessment” Others National Department of Economics , Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bengaluru Bangalore 28-05-2020 28-05-2020
Developmental strategies for revival of Indian Economy after Covid-19 Others National St Aloysius College )Autonomous), Jabalpur, MP Jabalpur 27-05-2020 27-05-2020
Mentoring students during and beyond Covid19 Others National Crossland College, Brahmawar Udupi 27-05-2020 27-05-2020
Learning to teach online MOOCs completed International UNSW, Sydney Coursera 26-05-2020 05-06-2020
“Botanical Secrets for Wellness: Clued From Nature’s Signature” Others National Phytomics: The Botanical society of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (University of Delhi) Delhi 16-05-2020 16-05-2020
Economics of Consumer Behaviour during COVID-19’ Others National Department of Economics in Collaboration with the Department of Psychology, SJC Bangalore 14-05-2020 14-05-2020
Impact of Covid-19 on the Indian Economy: Problems and Prospects’ Others National Department of Economics, Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly South, Ernakulam, Kerala Kerala 14-05-2020 14-05-2020
Training on E content development: strategies, Tools and Opportunities FDPs attended Local St Josephs College, Autonomous Bangalore 13-05-2020 21-05-2020
Using R statistical Programming and E-Views in Business and Economics FDPs attended National St Josephs College (Autonomous) Bangalore 03-01-2020 04-01-2020
National Conference on “Gandhian Worldview-Looking back to Engineer the Future” Conference National Mount Carmel College, Autonomous Bangalore 26-11-2019 27-11-2019
International conference on “Transformational strategies for Business Sustainability” Conference International Christ Institute of Management and the Office of International Relations at Christ University, Banga Bangalore 04-10-2019 05-10-2019
Innovations in Teaching and Learning and Research Methodology and Data Analysis using SPSS and AMOS FDPs attended National Primax Foundation and St Josephs College (Autonomous) Bangalore 07-02-2019 09-02-2019
Public Policy Affairs “Exploring Policy Making” Conference International Mount Carmel College,Autonomous Bangalore 03-09-2018 04-09-2018
Scope of Emerging Business Dimensions and Sustainable Development Conference International St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore 08-03-2018 09-03-2018
Emerging Trends in Public Policy and Implications to Development Seminar National Jyoti Nivas College Bangalore 23-01-2018 23-01-2018
Formation of Jesuit University with a Difference Workshop National St Joseph's College Bangalore 17-11-2017 18-11-2017
Financing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises- Issues and Challenges Seminar National St Joseph's College Bangalore 14-09-2015 15-09-2015
Human Capital Formation: Issues and Challenges Seminar National St Joseph's College Bangalore 09-02-2015 10-02-2015
Higher Education in the 21st Century opportunities and challenges Conference International St Louis University, USA and St Joseph's College Bangalore 11-12-2014 12-12-2014
JESCOL Seminar National BJES Bangalore 14-12-2012 16-12-2012
Teaching Social Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities in the New millenium Seminar National Humanities and Social sciences departments of st Joseph's College Bangalore 29-11-2012 30-11-2012
Symposium on Climate Change: Implications, Challenges and Policy towards Sustainability Others Local Mount Carmel College Bangalore 09-02-2010 09-02-2010
India at 61: Towards a New Development Paradigm Conference National St Joseph's College Bangalore 23-01-2009 24-01-2009
Resource Persons
Title of the Program Role Level Organized by Start Date Place Country
Writing Research Articles in Social Sciences Subject Expert College level Economics Dept, SJC 17-07-2014 St Joseph's College India

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