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Programme Details


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology and Biochemistry


7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

About the Programme

This programme brings together two subjects that are the foundation of life sciences.

This programme brings together two subjects that are the foundation of life sciences. The Department of Microbiology intends to inculcate in the students the interest to explore the world of Microbiology and contribute to the rapidly expanding field. The Department of Biochemistry has designed the syllabus of the programme keeping in mind the subject, the job potential, and the future of the students who graduate in the subject.

Procedure for Withdrawal / Cancellation of Admission

A. Withdrawal/Cancellation before the commencement of the academic year

If an admitted candidate would like to withdraw the admission, such candidates need to write a formal letter addressed to the Registrar duly signed by the candidate and the parent. The scanned copy of the signed formal letter to be emailed to the mentioning clearly his/her full name, application number, admitted programme, date of admission, and amount of fee paid and attach a copy of the fee-paid receipt to the email. 

The cancellation of Admission and refund of the fees as per the Refund Policy will be completed within two weeks’ time from the date of the email received with all the required details.

B. Withdrawal/Cancellation after the commencement of the academic year

If an admitted candidate would like to withdraw the admission after the commencement of the academic year, such candidates need to follow the following procedure:

  • A written request letter addressed to the Registrar, seeking cancellation/withdrawal of admission mentioning clearly his/her full name, application number, admitted programme, date of admission, amount of fee paid, and the fee-paid receipt in original. This letter must be signed by one of the parents or the guardian. 
  • Such a candidate has to meet his/her class mentor and obtain the mentor's signature on the letter. 
  • Then he/she will meet the Dean of the respective school and obtain his/her approval.
  • This will be followed by a meeting with one of the student counsellors and approval.
  • No due certificates need to be obtained from the Library, Admin Office and laboratories if applicable.
  • The candidate will meet the Registrar after completing the above procedure for his final approval. 

The cancellation of Admission and refund of the fees as per the Refund Policy will be completed within 15 working days from the date the required details are provided to the Registrar’s office for final approval.

Admission Cancellation / Refund Policy

The Management of the Institution follows the refund procedure as laid down by UGC under Notification on Refund of Fees and Non-Retention of Original Certificates (with effect from October 2018).

The University will acknowledge any appeal for cancellation/refund or disengagement of admission from any chosen/offered programme to a candidate if the request is as per the prescribed policy of the Institution. Provision to apply for cancellation of admission is available during the time of admission for the academic year or any time later. Application for cancellation of admission and refund, if any, must be given in writing in physical form or a duly signed, scanned letter via email by the concerned student and parents. The request must be supported by an original fee receipt and original acknowledgement given by the Institution.

Refund includes only the Academic Programme Fee based on the actual paid to the Institution. No refund shall be provided towards the Application Fee or /and Admission Registration Fee.

The option to apply for a Refund of Admission Fees will be available as per the table below. Students looking for cancellation and refund of Admission Fees shall be eligible for it as per the table given below:

The date of closure of admission for the academic year 2023-24 is 31 May 2023

Submission of Refund Application 15 days or more prior to the last date of admissions for the particular programme Less than 15 days prior to the last date of admissions for the particular programme 15 days or less after the closure of admissions for the particular programme

30 days or less but more than 15 days after the closure of admissions for the particular programme

Beyond 30 days after the closure of admissions for the particular programme

Lower than 5,000 or 5 %

10% 20% 50% 100%
Total Refund Balance amount 90% 80% 50%


All refunds will be made only to the bank account of the student/parents as per the bank details furnished and it will take a maximum of 15 working days from the date of approval of the cancellation of admission by the University Office.

Legal proceedings, if any, regarding the refund of fees, irrespective of the domicile of the student/parent shall be only in the city of Bengaluru. 

Admission Queries

For all queries related to admissions please contact the following:

Landline Number 080-222-74079 / 080-222-11429
Mobile Number 76767 59199
Email ID

Note: Admission queries are addressed only through the above contact numbers and email ID.

In accordance with the Institution’s long-standing policy, St Joseph's University does not entertain any agents for admissions, neither accepts any capitation/donations for admissions nor endorses such practices. This policy is also propagated by our staff, students, and stakeholders. Any staff or student of SJU selling admissions of SJU will warrant legal action. Under no circumstances will the University be held responsible or liable in any way for any losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from any individual or group or company or agency falsely promising or guaranteeing seats in SJU.  

St Joseph's University strives to always and uncompromisingly uphold its values.

A step-by-step guide to filling out the online application form

Frequently Asked Questions


Admission process: The applicants must fill in complete information on the online application form and upload all required certificates (whatever is available) and photos.

Selection process: The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview. There are two rounds in the interview. Once the final interview is over, candidates have to pay their programme fee within 24 hours and the mode of payment must be online. The dates of the interview will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates and will be announced on the website.

Eligibility for joining the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology and Biochemistry programme: A candidate who has passed the two-year Pre-University Examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board in Karnataka or any other examination considered equivalent by Bengaluru Central University shall be eligible for admission to these programmes.

Generally, a candidate opting for a subject should have studied that subject at the qualifying examination: For example, a candidate selecting PM (Physics and Mathematics) as optional subjects must have studied these subjects in the qualifying examination. However, additional conditions of eligibility are required for specific subjects as follows:

  • The candidate opting for Physics should have studied Mathematics in addition to Physics at the qualifying examination.
  • The candidate opting for Statistics should have studied that subject or Mathematics at the qualifying examination.
  • The candidate opting for Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology or Zoology should have studied that subject or Biology at the qualifying examination.
  • The candidate opting for Environmental Science should have studied at least two Science subjects at the qualifying examination
  • The candidate opting for Biochemistry should have studied Chemistry at the qualifying examination.

Students pursuing international curriculum must fulfil the eligibility conditions according to Association of Indian Universities (AIU) stipulations. Candidates appearing for the class XII examinations in March-April 2023 may apply with their class X and XI marks cards.

For foreign nationals: Foreign examinations equivalent to Senior Secondary School recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (

Languages: Students of undergraduate programmes must study two languages, out of which one shall be English and the other shall be either an Indian language or a foreign language other than English. However, with special permission from the Vice-Chancellor, students can select Additional English as a foreign language. The University offers the following language courses: Kannada, Hindi, Introductory Kannada, Tamil, Sanskrit, French, and German. Applicants selecting Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit, French, and German must have studied these languages at plus two level. CBSE and ISC students who have not studied a second language at plus two level and others who have not studied Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit, French or German shall select Additional English or Introductory Kannada.

Medium of instruction: The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.

Important Dates

Opening of online application forms: 01 February 2023

List 1 :

Last date to apply for applicants to be considered for 1st list: 31 March 2023

Date of announcement of names of candidates shortlisted for 1st list:  5 April 2023

Dates of interview for 1st list: 11 and 15 April 2023

List 2 :

Last date to apply for applicants to be considered for 2nd list: 10 May 2023

Date of announcement of names of candidates shortlisted for 2nd list: 14 May 2023

Dates of interview for 2nd list: 24 and 25 May 2023

Commencement of the Academic Year 2023-24


Subject Fee for the First Year
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology and Biochemistry 80,000



 A Other than Karnataka Students * 10% of fees
 B Eligibility Fee ** 10,000
 C NRI  Nationals *** 50,000
 D Foreign Nationals 80,000
 E SAARC Nationals 30,000
 F German, French, Additional English (2nd Language) 15,000
 G Two-Wheeler Parking (other fees) 3,000
 H Sanskrit, Spl Kannada (except Kannada regular) 1,000



* To claim the Karnataka category fee, the candidates should have studied the last 7 years in Karnataka.

[Not applicable for OCI (Overseas Citizens of India), PIO (Person of Indian Origin), and Foreign Nationals].

** To all candidates except those who have passed the 12th examinations conducted by the Karnataka Pre-University Board.

*** NRI fee is applicable for the full duration of the Programme for candidates who:

  • Have pursued and completed their last qualifying exam from outside India.
  • NRI and candidates who have applied under the NRI category.

Selected candidates must first update the following documents on their admission portal before the interview. The admitted students must submit the original documents at the Admin Office:

  • Class 10th Certificate (High School) and Marks Card
  • Class 11th Certificate and Marks Card
  • Class 12th Certificate (Senior Secondary School) and Marks Card
  • Transfer Certificate from last qualified institution by 31 August 2023
  • Migration Certificate except for the Karnataka State Board applicants by 31 August 2023
  • Two passport-size photographs and one stamp-size photograph in formal dress with a white background
  • Two Photocopies of the Online Payment Receipt
  • Valid ID proof such as Aadhaar Card / PAN Card / Voter ID Card
  • Letter of Undertaking.pdf

Candidates belonging to any of these categories -PIO / OCI / SAARC / FOREIGN NATIONALS-must submit the following documents:

  • Photocopy of Passport and Visa Details
  • Copy of PIO / OCI card (whichever is applicable and available at the time of admission)
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness from an approved medical practitioner accredited by the Medical Council of India
  • Resident Permit (If available)

The syllabus for the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology and Biochemistry is as follows:

Biochemistry Programme Outcomes

  • Students will be introduced to organic chemistry, they will also learn some aspects of physical chemistry. These will act as foundation to understanding how the biological processes function. In practical classes they will develop skills in determining several parameters in physical chemistry that have a direct implication in the living system. RBPT component will also be introduced to augment skills already developed in the first semester.
  • In this semester students will be exposed to fundamental concepts in inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry and organic chemistry which will help in developing skills in addressing how life evolved and how the inorganic world is closely entwined with the natural world.
  • Students will develop a theoretical understanding of analytical techniques that will permit them to study the biological system and the processes therein. In the practical component they will have hands on experience of how to handle instruments and analyze data.
  • Students will be introduced to biomolecules and how they function. They will be able to correlate all the chemistry they learnt in the first four semesters and understand how beautifully the animate world obeys all the natural, chemical and physical laws. They will learn to isolate, identify and assay the biomolecules. They will also develop skills in conducting independent research as part of an ongoing project work.
  •  From an understanding of biomolecules the focus shifts to an understanding of the processes involved in the biological system from reactions occurring at the cell surface to the degradation of molecules and their synthesis. Modern techniques in molecular and cellular chemistry will be developed and understood.

Potential Career Options

Upon successful completion of this programme, supplemented by additional education, experience, individual interest, potential, and competencies, students will have career opportunities to become:

Microbiology Biochemistry Others
Microbiologist Forensic Science Technician Research Scientist
Immunologist Biomedical or Forensic Scientist Research Associate
Mycologist Chemical Engineer Subject Matter Expert
Water Quality Laboratory Technician Biochemist Professor / Lecturer 
Clinical Research Scientist Biologist Research & Development
Food Technologist / Scientist Analytical Chemist Data Scientist
Cosmetic Scientist Ecologist Laboratory Technician
Health Scientist Food, Bio- or Nano-Technologist Scientific/ Technical Content Writer
Pharmacologist Pharmacologist  Science Writer
Biomedical Scientist Toxicologist Medical Scientist


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